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Look for These Benefits when Buying Your Obamacare Insurance in Florida

The Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, was implemented by President Barack Obama last March 23, 2010. This act has various provisions for protection of patients known as the Patient’s Bill of Rights. In fact, the US government has a website specifically made to assist Americans to understand the health care plan and the benefits that they can avail under this act. Therefore, if you are looking for the best health insurance plans, you need to look for the following benefits while getting the best Florida rates for Obamacare as much as possible.

Outpatient Services (Ambulatory Patient Care)

Outpatient services are the care that you will receive without hospital admission; these include consultations with the doctor, outpatient procedures done at the outpatient department or doctor’s clinics. In addition, these services also include home health care, as well as hospice care. It is important to note, however, that there are some insurance plans that will only limit the coverage to 45 days or less.

Emergency Services

Emergency services involve those services provided by health care institutions that require urgent or emergent treatment. You will be able to receive care for conditions that may result to permanent disabilities, or even death, if they aren’t managed immediately; these conditions include accidents or serious illness. In general, this necessitates a trip to the hospital’s emergency room with the use of an ambulance. It is important to note that you won’t be charged with a penalty if you went out of the networks specified on your coverage since it requires “emergency” treatment.

Look for These Benefits when Buying Your Obamacare Insurance in Florida

Inpatient Care or Hospitalization

Inpatient care receiving treatment from doctors, nurses, and other health care providers while being admitted to the hospital; medications, laboratory and other tests, hospital stay, and room and lodging are included in the coverage. If necessary, surgeries and transplants are also covered; as well as nursing care in nursing homes for the elderly.

Maternity and Newborn Services

This is the health care service received by women during pregnancy (including pre-natal and post-natal), labor, delivery, postpartum, as well as newborn care for babies.

Mental Health Services and Treatment for Addiction

Evaluation, diagnostics, and treatment of mental and substance abuse disorders should be covered in the best health insurance plans Florida you could find. These services should also include treatment and management of behavioral conditions, as well as psychotherapy and counseling. Note, however, that some insurance coverage will only cater to 20 days annually. But it is vital that these limits must be in accordance with the parity laws of the state or federal government.

Prescription Medications

Medications that need prescription from a doctor for disease treatment should also be included in the insurance coverage. Prescription drugs include (and are not limited to) antibiotics, strong pain-relievers, and anxiolytic drugs. Obamacare states that at least 1 prescription drug should be covered for each class of drugs; but, there are limitations as some prescription drugs may not be covered. Non-prescription drugs, on the other hand, are typically not covered even if it is prescribed by the doctor. Some insurers would limit the drugs that their plans will cover; they may cover only generic drugs if they are available. Furthermore, some medicines may not be covered if there is a cheaper and equally effective variant available. They may have “Step” requirements where expensive medicines are only covered if the prescriber has tried the cheaper variant and was found ineffective. Other expensive drugs may need approval from the insurer first as well.

Look for These Benefits when Buying Your Obamacare Insurance in Florida

Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation helps patients suffering from a disease condition recover their previously known skills such as motor skills for those who have reversible paralysis. Habilitative services, on the other hand, are services that aim to help develop certain skills such as speech therapy for kids. Both of which are benefits that should be covered by your chosen insurance coverage. Devices that help gain or recover certain skills due to an injury, disability, or a chronic illness should also be covered as well. Insurance plans should be able to provide at least 30 visits every year for occupational or physical therapy; another 30 visits for speech therapy, as well as 30 visits for pulmonary or cardiac rehabilitation.

Laboratory Services

The best health insurance in Florida covers laboratory testing services that help physicians diagnose a condition or monitor the efficacy of the treatment. Preventive screenings (including annual breast exams, prostate exams, and testicular exams) should be given free of charge.

Preventive & Wellness Services and Treatment of Chronic Illness

Preventive & Wellness Services should include counseling and preventive management that are made to prevent or detect health conditions; these services would include screenings and immunizations. Life-long conditions such as asthma and diabetes should be covered as well.

Child Health Services

Child health or pediatric services involve care given to both infants and children that includes well-baby or well-children checkups and vaccines and immunizations. It should also include dental and vision services for children less than 19 years old. Dental exams should be given at least twice a year and eye examinations and corrective lenses should be provided every eyar.

Look for These Benefits when Buying Your Obamacare Insurance in Florida

Insurance Plans Vary

Although insurance plans should offer the aforementioned benefits, the scope and services offered under those categories will actually vary. Each plan must offer important health benefits which would equal to the scope covered by the employers in accordance with the employer-sponsored coverage. The key here is to read the terms and conditions of your options before choosing the best plan for yourself; rates would usually vary according to the scope of services the plan covers.