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The Best Health Care for Low Income Individuals: It’s for Free!

If you have a low income, health insurance may not be cost-efficient for your budget. Insurance plans may cost you a monthly premium of thousands of dollars; and this may be very impossible to pay for. But, there are actually a number of options available for you in order to get the cheapest health insurance in Florida which would literally cost you nothing if you live on a low income.

Medicaid Insurance

The government-funded health care insurance program called “Medicaid” offers health coverage to families living on a low income. However, you should be able to meet the requirements needed to apply for these benefits, including the assets you own and your available cash on your wallet and at the bank. Although the income guidelines may vary from one state to another, generally you should be living close to the poverty line for you to be able to qualify for Medicaid. Furthermore, if you are an adult with no children yet, you usually won’t be qualified for this benefit unless you are handicapped or pregnant.

The Best Health Care for Low Income Individuals: It’s for Free!

County Health Departments

County health departments in Florida may offer a wide range of preventive health care services. Note, however, that they generally don’t offer benefits for surgery or hospitalization. Most county health departments offer free or discounted health care clinic services. Some departments, on the other hand, will give away clinic cards that will allow you to receive free or discounted rates at certain clinics in the area. Others may offer free clinical evaluation for STD. Again, note that for you to qualify for such services, you should be able to meet the requirements on income for you to fill out the application.

The Best Health Care for Low Income Individuals: It’s for Free!

Check with your City

There might be a contract existing between your local government and a local hospital that will provide indigent care to those who need it. Indigent generally means that you do not have capabilities to pay for health care. These contracts help those who are uninsured to receive care and often even provide comprehensive services and preventive surgeries; this is considered to be one of the best health insurance plans Florida there is. For instance in Jacksonville, there exists a multi-million dollar contract between the city and Shands Jacksonville that will provide care for low income individuals.

Contact 211

There might be various groups and organizations in your local area that would offer you free clinics and free services such as pap smears or mammograms. Looking for these occasional services will help you save a lot of money although they may be hard to locate; but once you see this opportunity near you, it would be best to grab it while you can. 211 is a hotline of the United Way that will get you in touch with the local United Way in your area. They are the best ones to give you information about the list of health care services offered in your area that are free of charge.